Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Three Musketeers

Mind blowing sword fights and captivating personalities makes this a wonderful film to capture. Although not as classically wrapped as 1993's Disney version, this enthralling adventure will take you on a ride that only your inner old cynic will have the gull to critique. 8/10 for you'd have to be soulless to criticize young Logan Lerman's fierce-fully committed performance as the novice embodiment of the greatest Musketeer that ever was, d'Artagnan. I truly believed he actually had the skill to take on 10 of the cardinal's guards without breaking a sweat at 15.

The only downfall of the film is that it only has two major sword fights, when there should be at least 5, throwing the film out of whack.  However, the film is set up as, only, the first story of an unfinished tale. Hence, you can look forward that this is only the beginning of an impressive lore, with a greater depth, that will have your inner child wishing we were back in 1625, ready to die for the things we love and believe in. Go enjoy!

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